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Dr. Elliot is a brilliant clinician who provides practical and easy-to-follow health advice. His unique methods have helped many people reduce inflammation naturally and improve the quality of their lives.

 - Matthew Loop

I like the professionalism and the way Dr. Elliot presents the information. I am officially off my rollator and am just excited. Excited to get out of the house, go to the Y and even workout.

- Deborah B.

In 12 days I have gone from literally not being able to sleep at night to having no pain. I still don't work perfect as far as the body, but I am so far ahead of myself right now it's shocking.

- Bryce A.


The 14 Day There's Hope For Chronic Pain Agenda

The purpose of this program is to give you all of the knowledge and resources you need, A-to-Z, to relieve and rid your chronic pain naturally through functional nutrition.

Days 1-3 

Days 1-3 are the most important days for your journey to a better life because this is where we get serious about where you are at and where you are going. We start the program by getting you involved and active inside of our private community - so that you can gain support and support others as well. I share with you the 14 day process, my story and 3 P's for positive progress. I teach you how to effectively use food as medicine and begin doing so by uncovering the secret to inflammation. We end  with a clear understanding on hidden sources of sugar.

Days 4-6

Day 4 begins with organizing our life and priorities. Failure to plan is planning to fail so we set you up for proven success. We then move into sugar and the mind where we gain an understanding for how our brain works so that we can make educated and clear decisions about our health and diet. We then dive deep into insulin resistance and testing so that you can be in control of your blood sugar levels.

Days 7-9

There is no better feeling than a body filled with good hydration. We uncover the secret to hydration and beverages so that you can go throughout your day giving your body the beverages it needs to function better. We go over delicious healthy snacks and carbohydrates swaps and debunk the myth that you can't be healthy and eat good too. We end on Day 9 with valuable knowledge on fats, why they are not created equal and how to decipher the good from the bad.

Days 10-14

In Day 10 we open the controversy regarding alcohol and the gut. We go over organic vs non organic and how you can take advantage of either option. We dive into understanding gluten and dairy, and end with a comprehensive review of our program.

Lifetime Access: There's Hope For Chronic Pain

Whats included in this course.

A comprehensive Food Guide.


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Meet Your Instructor,
Dr. Elliot Hirshorn

Lifetime Access: There's Hope For Chronic Pain

Who This Course IS For

  • Those who want to live a more fulfilling life away from Chronic Pain.
  • Those who are tired of being pushed medications.
  • Those who want to finally take control of their health to get the life-changing results they deserve.

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • Those who are unable to commit themselves to 14 days of this program.
  • Those who make excuses as to why they can not take the necessary steps. 
  • Those unwilling to invest the little time and money it will take to change their diet and lives through functional nutrition.
  • Those unwilling to give up bandaging pain with methods that do not address the root cause of their chronic illness.

Real student and patient testimonials of Dr. Elliot Hirshorn.

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Lifetime Access: There's Hope For Chronic Pain

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